Into the woods


It was so nice the other day when I was driving though the woods. It was dark, but I still had to stop and take a few pictures. It was so quiet, and the moon was full. I didn’t have a tripod, but did my best with a handheld camera. And with a little bit of light from the car, and some from the moon. And a lot of ISO. This is a road with not that many cars.



There are a few more winter photos on this link.



44 thoughts on “Into the woods

  1. This is how I hoped to see Norway the last two weeks, but noooo .. only rain washing the old snow away. This is perfect, pure magic, Bente.
    Ha en god helg!


  2. There is an ethereal quality to these photos Bente. I love the way you used the light of the moon and the car lights to highlight the quiet road through a snowy world.


  3. Jeg elsker disse bildene, Bente !! De snakker til min sjel. Jeg foretrekker bilder av ren natur uten menneskelig forurensning, som trolig forteller deg mye om min personlige filosofi.


  4. Beautifull.
    The atmosphere is magical and it’s a pleasure that is only found away from cities without their lights. Happy to see this much snow at home, because here, winter has difficulty be there.
    Good day to you


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