Travelling with horses


I met these group of people travelling by horse a few weeks back. They where going to Rørosmartnan, an old winter marked that has been arranged every year since the 1850s in the small mining town Røros.

Travelling by horse and a sled with goods to sell was the traditional way, and the tradition was revived in the 1970s, so every year there are about eight groups travelling this way, from different places in the country and even from Sweden. Some of them travel for up to ten days, even if it is usually quite cold in this region in the end of February. The morning I met them it was 26 below zero, but they were all happy. These people had been doing this journey for 20 years and didn’t seem to be tired of the scenery or the challenge, so I bet they will be going again next year. There are more pictures here. I have other blog posts from Rørsmartnan here, here, here and here. The last one about the reindeers at the market.



65 thoughts on “Travelling with horses

  1. Ces photos sont splendides …. Bravo ! aux courageux marchands qui voyagent plusieurs jours par un froid ” de canard ” !
    Merci pour ce magnifique partage où le froid sec se voit sur le cliché !
    Avec mes salutations depuis la Suisse Romande 🙂

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  2. Dear Bente, we have a horse,she looks like the horse on your photo. When we bought our Suse, it was love on our first view- They told us, she is a cold blood of a schleswiger german rass. All time , we compare our Suse with schleswiger german horses, we doubt and had problem to believe it. It is so crazy, that our Suse looks like the horse on your photo. I immediatly have to contact my daughter to compare the photo with her Suse.. Lovely greetings and have a nice week Ragnhild.

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  3. Wow 😀 what an interesting experience this has to be… I’ve already run at 20 degrees below zero and got my face sunburned XD wow!!!

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  4. So extraordinary to see such scenes, Bente! I really admire that the old traditions are being kept. Hardy people (and horses) to weather those low temperatures -26*!! That’s seriously cold! What a landscape.

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  5. Stunning! Love these. I also so love how these ancient traditions are continued. People taking time out of their normal schedule to take part in an event with such deeply rooted history. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t fathom temps of -26, but it’s truly heartwarming to witness the revival of such wonderful traditions. Those horses are magnificent! Thanks so much for sharing.


  7. Beautiful images, Bente. There’s something altogether timeless about the old ways of travelling through the snow in this way. The cold air making clouds of steam from the horse’s breath and the travellers too. The people rugged up in furs and blankets.
    Hope this tradition continues for many years in to the future.

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  8. Your photos are breathtaking, and the horses are so different, and beautiful. Their trip reminds me a bit of the trail rides that come into Houston every year for the livestock show and rodeo. Riders and wagons come from all over the state. The conditions aren’t quite so dramatic, but the tradition is beloved, as this one clearly is.

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  9. Wonderful photos. I’m very glad to have seen this. Like scenes from centuries ago.
    I’ve only visited your country once, just the Oslo area, but I am eager to get back. We live in the northeast U.S., so the weather isn’t much colder than here sometimes.


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