Sami Fashion Show – Tråante 2017

Abanti Design

During the festival Tråante 2017 in the city of Trondheim I saw a fashion show all by Sami designers. That is designers from the people of the North, the indigenous people of Europe. This is Abanti Design, made by a designer who lives in Karasjok in Finnmark. That is in the heartland of Sami culture and reindeer herding.

Abanti Design

The designer of Abanti, Anne Berit Anti, was introduced by Erlend Elias Bragstad, who is himself is a fashion celebrity of Sami descent.

Abanti Design


Above, a poncho and silver necklase by Árbi of Sápmi. Wilks Design (the picture below), are made by three sisters who are also reindeer herders. Like the other designers they combine Sami traditions with a modern expressions. And naturally they use traditional materials like wool, and leather and fur of reindeer, as well as from other wild animals, and even fish skin.



There were interesting design and details to see on the catwalk in Trondheim. Even Elsa Laula, the Sami political pioneer found resonance by the young designers. She was the woman who started the political work for Sami community 100 years ago. Expressed among others in the design of Kim Anders Vuolab and his Kimbanti Design.



There are more photos from the Sami Fashion Show on this link.

And here is a link to my former post about this years big Sami Jubilee:


17 thoughts on “Sami Fashion Show – Tråante 2017

  1. How cold was it there? People are wearing hoods and jackets, but the models are walking around with bare arms, like the one in the red dress and “elf” shoes.


    1. I guess it was around 5 below zero, but felt colder because it was a bit windy. So I would’t recomend bare arms. Wool and fur in abundance would be the right thing, but I guess they could cope. “Elf” shoes was maybe not the best choice…Thanks for your comment, Emilio.

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