I am a freelance journalist and photographer living in Norway.

I work for newspapers, magazines and other editoral publications.

Sometimes I leave Scandinavia to experience other parts of the world, but most of my work I do in my own region. I believe there are many, exciting things to explore in the world. Even at home.

I have a degree in biology and ecology from the universities of Trondheim and Oslo, but for many years I worked with cultural stuff. Writing about exhibitions, concerts and movies, visiting film festivals in Venice and Berlin. Today I am very much back to nature, but I do all kinds of reportage. But I am an illiterate when it comes to sports.

Photography is one of my main interests, both privatly and professionally. And I have a web gallery: www.bentehaarstad.com.
Feel free to browse through my galleries and collections. Pictures can also be purchased and downloaded on this website. For private use the price start from about 1 dollar/6 Kr.

My email: behaa@neanett.no

95 thoughts on “About

  1. Hei Bente!
    Jeg leter etter den ville orkideen “Fruesko” og jeg så at du fant de. 🙂
    Trenger din hjelp. Kan du ta kontakt med meg, takk?


  2. Nicely done blog and website. Your animal’s series of pictures are amazing. Actually, all of your pictures are beautiful and informative. They are like the short stories about world around you.


  3. You have a very nice blog with beautiful pictures. I use the same theme and I like it very much. I will come back to your Blog to spend more time.

    Ronald from the Netherlands


    1. Hi Ronald, I don’t do this too often, as I don’t change the theme or content as often as I probably should. But, you go to Dashboard of course. Then to Appearance, Edit Menus. I have made Pages before, and the categories were from the categories used when making a post. I think I do like this at this point: Under Categories I find my list, I select one category (from the list of all categories that have been used) + Add to meny. It pops up in the Menu structure, and I have to drag each one to be a sub item under Categories. That is I drag them a little bit more to the right compared with the other items on the main meny, and then it becomes a sub item. And Save. I hope you succeed!


  4. I have a second question about your blog. You have a page named “Links”. When I click on this I see on the right side widgets. I have always the widgets on a page on the bottom. Can you explain how you do that? Is the Blogroll on your “Links” page also a widget?

    Thanks for your help


    1. Sorry for the late answer and you have maybe found the answer? As I looked at your page now, your design with the widgets at the bottom was what I origianaly wanted, but then I could only have 2 lines of pictures/posts showing on the front page, if I wanted more, as I did, I had to show them all. They must have made changes to Hatch since that time (last spring), because you have made it as I wanted, or did you purchase and then was able to get more options? And how did you made this changes, with the number of posts showing and the widges at the bottom? By the way my Links are my bloggroll (some of it). My Links are on the Menu.


  5. Hi Bente, I meant to tell you that I recognized you in my last post for Capture the Color Contest. It was near the deadline since I got nominated late, but I was happy to mention you. Love your work.


  6. Hi Bente,
    Some fantastic photographs there! Will surely be seeing them and reading the write-up in detail. Have been fascinated by Norway since a while and your pics make me realise I wasn’t wrong! 🙂
    Best Regards.


  7. Hi Bente, I just came across your blog. I saw the picture of you leaning on a shovel next to a cow with a barn in the background and I was immediately drawn to your blog. You have many great pictures posted on here, and I’m looking forward to browsing through some of your pages. Have fun out there & take care!~Rose


  8. Beautiful work…Love the variety in your images..
    By the way thank you for popping by and liking my post on theshadesblog.


  9. Good Morning , nice to meet You and Your blog 🙂 Great posts, great ideas , pleasure to be here , i wish You the best,in free time see my little place too, Regards from Poland , EM


  10. Wonderful blog, i really like your photos. Hope I’ll get to visit someday Norway, it’s on my wishlist 😀 at least I’ll be one step closer through your photos.


  11. Dear Bente Haarstad: I would like to nominate you for a Black Wolf blog award. I was nominated and as part of my acceptance I must post an announcement with a list of 10 blogs I recommend. Yours will be on my list. I understand some do not wish to participate in this kind of thing, so you do not have to accept. If you do, you must begin to ponder your list of 10. All best, Hattie


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