A real snow storm in Røros


This weekend I went to Røros, a small mining town who is an Unesco World Heritage Site, for the 164. winter market. The weather can be quite challenging in this mountain town in february, and so it was. Snow and wind, but that is how it often was of course, in the good old days. But Norwegians and the visiting Swedes still knows how to dress according to the weather, and wool and fur is still the best choice.




Rørosmartnan is a winter market, because the winter with its frozen lakes and rivers was the best time of the year to travel, in those days with no modern roads. And a market it still is, and a social gathering among the old and very weel kept old houses in this town. A bit of snow, who cares.



I saw some old crafts, and landbreskia were maybe the most peculiar. This were skis made of wood, fur and leather, reconstructed by Sofie Kleppe and the originals are probably 2700 years old, found when a glacier melted. Than it was time to try to find the way home, on snowy roads across the mountains.

There are more photos on this link: http://bentehaarstad.photoshelter.com/portfolio/G0000TSHGFNmE27I

And other posts I have made from this market  or from this town on this link: https://bentehaarstad.wordpress.com/?s=r%C3%B8rosmartnan


21 thoughts on “A real snow storm in Røros

  1. These are great photos, Bente. Not having a fur coat on I feel quite chilled now that I’ve looked at these pictures. The young couple on snowshoes look very sweet. You show a lot of character in your subjects. I love this post!

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  2. It looks stunning. I love the fact that everything looks so old-fashioned. Sometimes the old ways of doing things are the best, even in this digital age! Great photos! 👍


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