October to enjoy

There are still something to harvest in my garden, and today I picked caraway (Carum carvi, norsk: karve). There are not many things I do not like, but I have never been too fond of caraway (except in the norwegian liquor, akevitt).

I tasted one of the seeds while picking them, and great wonder, it was a wonderful taste, so strong! But I still do not know what to do with them, except from sowing some also next year.But I have quite a lot now drying.

I also have a red mangold that still looks great. And I can now harvest brussel sprouts from my three plants. And thats it, thats what is left in my garden now, except from some parsley.

There suddenly was marvellous weather here in Mid-Norway, after months of rain and even some freezing cold. Everybody enjoy that, even my dog.

The irish setter is made for hunting grouse in the mountains, but even to watch the pink footted goose (Anser brachyrhyncus, norwegian: kortnebbgås) is quite an event for a bird-hunting dog. And there are thousands in Selbu now, taking a brake from trekking from Svalbard to Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark for the winter. So we hope for more days with sunshine and nice temperatures. But of course, it might be snow instead.

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