The big roe deer eyes


This male roe deer is still visiting me every day. That is, he usually comes at night, or sometimes in the afternoon. So the light was a bit dark, and I have adjusted the contrast since there was almost none. The pictures is taken through a window.

37 thoughts on “The big roe deer eyes

  1. The picture came out really nice. Sometimes that is the only way one can get a pic of wildlife, through the window pane or possibly the screen.. Or else you will be spending lots of time perched in a tree or a blind and wait a “spell” which might be a few minutes to an hour or more. Safer up a tree since that is a stag. I don’t know about Roe deer but the deer over here can and have killed people during rutting season. Anyhow that is a handsome dude.


    1. I didn’t try the tree method yet. 😉 These ones are very small, and couldn’t harm anyone. The moose/elk are very big and they can harm people, if you annoy them or are in the wrong place in the wrong time. It seldom happens. Cars and trains in Norway kill thousands of these animals every year, and they are hunted for food of course. Otherwise there really would be too many.


  2. What a beautiful animal. Well done for getting such a lovely picture under difficult circumstances Bente! I have deer visit the field next to my house. I sometimes see them at dawn but the slightest noise and they’re off. I’ve never managed to photograph them as setting up a tripod etc is noisy. I can’t set up and wait for them because they don’t always come. I guess I’ll stick with landscape photography and leave the wildlife photography to those with much more patience. 🙂


    1. The only way is through windows. They are next to the house to eat birds-seeds, and they see me through the windows but never mind. But as soon as I open the door they are gone. By the way, I didn’t use a tripod this time..


  3. oh dear Bente, this is how beautiful comes to visit you, as my visitor cats 🙂 But of course this is what I can die for… so beautiful, and you captured so lovely pose… I didn’t notice before how big their eyes… Thank you dear Bente, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia


  4. Thank you for introducing me to new animals! The large, American deer by me are skitish. They don’t visit my yard until about February, when the osage orange fruits have been frozen for awhile and are now ready to eat.


  5. Such a beautiful animal. You did well to capture a shot (through the window in difficult conditions).


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