Snømørkt – Peace and war

One familiy in the resistance hunted by 500 gestapo soldiers in the norwegian woods. 70 years after Rinnan the notorious informer started the chase in Selbu there will be theater about this drama. Yesterday Elisabeth Matheson who have written the play gave a press conference. In Selbu church were it will be performed from the 28th February 2013.

Elisabeth Matheson and Øyvind Farmen, who will lead the orchestra of the upcoming play.

Before the war, Marit Morset (in the middle of the painting) and other people from the Selbu community modelled for the artist Bjarne Rise who did great murals in the former city hall of Selbu. Showing the daily life in Selbu.

Oddmund Morset was killed by the nazis by the lake Østrungen 2. March 1943. The old wooden skies he used to try to flee from the germans are now in the village museum.

The old vicarage next to the church. Want to see more pictures, here is a link: Pressekonferansen for “Snømørkt”.

Want to see more of my photographs, here is a link.

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