Architecture with a view

Nine architecture students plus a teacher has built a pavilion overlooking a village outside the city of Trondheim. From there the view towards the lake Selbusjoen and the surrounding mountains is really great. The students were from five different countries, studying at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and this work was part of a new approach to teaching architecture. That is a possibility to not only design buildings, but also make them. Which was popular among the students in this group. But the rural society is not so interested in modern architecture it seems, nor in the architectural heritage. But this might change with new experiences. There are some more photos from the site in my photo gallery.

26 thoughts on “Architecture with a view

  1. Thanks for sharing these shots, Bente. I enjoyed seeing them all.

    Still looks very cold where you live, despite it being summer now. Today is the first day of winter here in Australia, but after the fog clears this morning, it will be a bright sunny day – I’m looking forward to a walk.


  2. Such an interesting program for the students, and that the local people (or will it only be visitors?) will have a new public building from which to enjoy that stunning view is such a synergistic way to integrate the university into the community. Win win, I’d say.


  3. This looks like a really interesting programme. I am not sure if it is always win-win though. We are in a situation here where there is development going on across the river from us. Before, pristene natural environment. Once the land has been cleared and structures put in place, who knows what the space will look like. Certainly never the same. Change is hard and not always what everyone wants. Perhaps that is a part of what is being understood as ‘lack of interest’ on the part of the local residents. Who knows? Chance will happen. Thanks once again for a really interesting post.


  4. Great post. I think it is common sense that people who are going to design buildings should get first hand knowledge of the site, construction and outcome, and any surrounding controversy.


  5. Hi,
    What a beautiful spot, I could very easily sit there forever and look at that view just gorgeous. Good on them for doing this project together, you just can’t beat team work. 🙂


  6. Vilken härlig plats de bygger på! Säkert fantastiskt att få vara med i ett sådant projekt. 🙂
    Min ena kusin bor i Tronheim, jag jar bara varit där en gång, tyvärr.
    Allt gott till dej!


  7. I’m glad they’re getting experience actually building something, because that is what architects are! This looks like a beautiful place, one I’d be very happy to be. How about a pic when the house is finished! PS: I’m also a fan of the must-see British TV program called Grand Designs with architect Kevin McLeod. Cheers!


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