Girls gone fishing – Skjækerfjella national park

I went to the mountains with some friends to fish in mountain lakes. We had rented a cabin, and to get there we had to drive for 3 hours and walk for almost 3 hours. Roktdalen in the county of Nord-Trøndelag is quite alright landscape to hike, but a bit wet from all the rain earlier this summer.

The fish was jumping when we passed the first small lakes, and that is a sight that makes an impression on fishing girls. But it was 22 in the evening and getting dark, so we did not have time to try our equipment.

Almost there. The cabin is just after this hill, next to the mountains of Skjækerfjella and Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park.

The next day we left “our” lake, Nåvatnet, that you see on this picture, and went for a smaller lakes. No fish jumping, actually we got no fish all day. Crisis, but we had a lovely day.

The mountain Skjækerhatten and the lake Djuptjønna.

This is were we lived. Nåvasshytta belongs to the mountain authority in this district and is quite simple but the cabin had all we needed. Perfect.

But did we get any fish at all. Yes we did. Nice fish, trout. That’s the most common fish in norwegian mountain lakes.

And what did we do with the fish? We ate it of course. There are no need for catch and release in most lakes and rivers in this part of the world, many places it is the opposite: The fish get too many and too small because they are not fished enough. And anyway, all of us fishing girls are supporting the idea of harvesting the nature. That’s an old tradition in Norway and we learned this from our parents, to catch your own fish and eat it. And it was good food, really good.

It was raining for some hours one day, but otherwise we had a very nice time. We didn’t see any other person for the five days we were in the mountains. And no bear, but we saw some old droppings.

There are more pictures from this hiking in my photo gallery by this link.

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85 thoughts on “Girls gone fishing – Skjækerfjella national park

  1. What a beautiful area! It looks like a great time. We have lots of trout in the lakes here, but strict regulations. All the photos are neat, but I especially love the pink shot.

  2. Holy cow . . . three hours hike away from other humans! . . . sounds like heaven (if there were such a place).

    . . . what kind of internet connection do you have at the cabin?

  3. That sounds like a wonderful five days. And I approve of eating what you catch rather than fishing and fishing just to see how much the fish will fight or who will get the biggest one. Those trout you caught are a very healthy size!

  4. Oh, my gosh, what a beautiful country, and your dog………. is just beautiful too.. I can only imagine the taste of those fish! I hail from the northern Minnesota area, and the walleye pike is to die for there!

    • Es agradable ir una manera larga en la naturaleza, Manoli, y no tenemos miedo. Este fue en realidad un viaje muy corto. Gracias por su comentario./It’s nice to go for long walks in nature, Manoli, and we are not afraid. This was actually a quite short trip. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Yes one understand why you norwegians sing so proud “Ja, vi elsker dette landet, som det stiger frem” when one see these beautiful pictures from that wonderful scenery og your nature… ;-)

    • Most of us norwegian love to go for walks like this, to go on hikes, short or long, weekend or holiday. Even if it rains a bit (otherwise we couldn’t take the chance). Takk Sorte And.

    • Cool, that normal here, Bella. We have a saying that goes: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. And another: Off we go, and never get sour/dissapointed (but this sound better in norwegian).

  6. Beautiful and very informative photos. They reminded me when I did a climb through
    mountain river where less than 10 people goes in a year. (because of its rocky gorge).
    And we did fishing of mountain trout of which we grilled it on open fire.

    What impressed me most is that you let a dog to carry his own load !
    What a good idea. :-D

      • You mean the dog carrying a backpack like the rest of us? That is very common for norwegian dogs, because many of us hike in the mountains together with our dogs, and the irish setter really like to work. Also to carry. But it should not be too heavy of course. Thanks for your comment, Ilargia.

  7. This place is paradise, I’m glad that you can enjoy and talk with nature, are rich in experience, that’s good. Thanks for sharing with us.
    A hug
    Carlos Your friend from afar…

  8. ‘Skjækerfjella national park’ one should have special modification somewhere near tongue to pronounce that…. :)

    Apart from a very difficult to pronounce name this place is divine, simply out of the world. thanks for sharing these snaps Ben, they all are great..

    and wait a minute, did u say 22hrs like 10pm??? that sort of evening light happens to my place at 6pm. OMG!!!

    • Sorry for the tongue gymnastics, Mayur. And about daylight: it is now going towards autumn, so the days will be shorter. Sun setting around 21-21:30 now, in December around 14, I don’t like it.

  9. Herrejösses vad jag saknar Skandinaviens underbara natur när jag ser dina bilder, jag skulle vilja resa till Jämtland och släkten, där jag tillbringade mina barndoms jular… Men det blir senare… Ha det bra

  10. What a perfect 5 days. Good scenery, good fishing, good friends & good food.
    The trout looks lovely – I bet it tasted wonderful, being fresh from the lake.
    (reminds me of the night my brother took me lantern fishing in the river for trout…..but that’s another story for another day).
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  11. Bravo Girls! You are great, I wished to be with you too. The mountain and lake area is so beautiful and seems you were luck about fishing… Should be so delicious to eat them… I loved your trip… And it is a lovely adorable dog… Thank you dear Bente you did a great post and amazing shots… Next time call me please :) Love, nia

  12. Wonderful photo-essay with lots of compelling images from the national park. It’s great to know that places of such profound solitude still exist.

    Love the pic with your dog in the foreground, and boat in the background–and also the one holding up the catch. What an awesome summer trip!

  13. What a great photo essay, I felt like I was there, what a magic spot, love the scenery,your dog, and how quaint is the cabin. How lucky are you guys to live in such a beautiful place. Glad you got some fish well done.
    Cheers Callie

  14. Helt nyyydelie bilda! :-)
    Det är en alldeles speciell känsla att få följa med, jag minns hur det doftar i fjällen vid de små sjöana, och hur fantastiskt öringen smakar! Det känns som att de evigheter sedan jag gjorde det själv är alldeles för länge sedan! Visst är det härligt att få äta det man skördar. Håller med till 100%.:-)
    Min favorit är nog den näst sista i kvällsljuset. Den ger mig hemlängtan. (Balsfjord-trakten)
    Kram och allt gott till dej!

  15. Beyond wonderful! I fished trout with my grandpa and we’d cook it up fresh. Hard to beat…still a favorite of mine. I love these photos! And thanks for sharing the story. I especially love the dog shots with the landscape beyond, and I can almost taste your lovely meal. I think it’s admirable to catch and eat your own meals just as it is to grow and eat them. If everyone fished what they needed, I believe there’d be plenty of healthy fish for all. It is overfishing for markets…much of which are wasted either in nets, transit or spoiling when not purchased…that I think causes loss of populations. Just imagine if people had to raise or hunt their own meat. I suspect there would be more vegetarians and less obesiety in countries such as mine.
    My mom’s parents both came to Canada from Norway. Your posts really make me long for a country I can feel in my roots.

  16. Skjækerfjella national park – how beautiful and how exciting. This is the way to live life.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Many good wishes from India :)

  17. What a fantastic wilderness place. I’d love to spend some time fishing there too!. Your pictures paint a great portrait of the place.
    Though I don’t really find food pictures that engaging, I have to say the one of the frying trout……. I can almost smell them from here – one of my favourite meals. I’m very envious.
    Thank you.

  18. Hi Bente! Your site is great and this series of photos is gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time fishing! Thank you very much for also liking some of my earlier posts, “Lumen Print”, “Live Red Rubies”. I really appreciate that you took a look!

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