God Jul – Happy Holidays


This young reindeer used to be my friend a few years ago. I hope he is grown up now, and that he maybe will see you for a visit during Christmas. Happy Hollidays for all who is celebrating Christmas in some way or the other. In Norway Christmas eve is on th 24th December. So today is the great family day of the year.

70 thoughts on “God Jul – Happy Holidays

  1. You’ve probably got a barrage of ‘likes’ and stuff in your inbox – apologies but I’m finally, FINALLY actually catching up on everything! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and eat far too much 🙂 xxx


  2. Hi,
    A beautiful photo he is gorgeous.
    I would also like to wish you and your family all the Very Best for Christmas and a Happy New Year as well. Enjoy the festivities. 😀


  3. Happy holidays to you too, Bente. I must say….reindeer and snow really make Christmas for me. Love your reindeer images.


  4. Han är så sööööt och så julig! 🙂 Jag tror att jag fick besök i julas 🙂 Här var helt snöfritt på julafton, tyvärr.
    Kram och allt gott till dej!


  5. Greetings and Merry Christmas , “God Jul” all the way from Australia. I love the photographs of the snow falling amidst the trees and the reindeer. Norway seems so beautiful, God willing one day I shall be able to experience its beautiful landscape. God bless.


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