More photos from More (Møre)


Since my last post was from a grey, foggy day on my trip to the coast, here are a few from going back home last weekend. There was a very nice evening sun. Not warm, absolutely not warm yet, but it made the landscape look nice, so I had to stop a few times.


The sunshine actually started very quietly, breaking through the clouds. This is very typical for Norway: we can have more than one season during the day.




This is Gjemnessund Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Norway (although it does not have the longest span). It is 1,257-metre (4,124 ft) long. There are a lot of bridges in this part of the country.



Want to know more about the county, here is a link. There are more photos in my photo gallery.


90 thoughts on “More photos from More (Møre)

  1. The sun came out, hooray 🙂 You live in a very beautiful country it is great to be able to see it through your photos and writing. Thanks


      1. Yes I would find the landscape very inspiring. I’m a huge fan of Jan Garbarek, whose music always speaks of his native Norwegian land and has influenced my composing greatly


  2. I like the gray look of photos #1 and #4. They’re all beautiful but the lack of colour on 1 and 4 makes me look at the shapes and contrast and it’s very striking.


  3. Beautiful photos Bente.
    The 5th photo on the bus stop, isn’t it the passing band of rain ?
    I saw it several times on my life though, always without camera or film. 🙂
    4th photo is very powerful !
    And those glacial landscapes may be common in your country, still when
    I first saw it, I couldn’t believe this is in the same planet.


  4. Åh! Bente, du er ganske tæt på Tafjordfjella og Geiranger og en masse vidunderlige steder, hvor jeg har haft nogle af mine livs oplevelser. Meget dejlige billeder. Det bedste ved Norges vejr, er skiftet mellem godt og dårligt vejr. En opklaring er som en verden født på ny, det er så smukt.
    Mange gode hilsner


  5. Hey, what happened to white? We still haven’t thawed out – too much late snow and cold – maybe two more weeks away.


  6. Beautiful series, Bente. You certainly have some beautiful countryside to capture on the camera.
    (perhaps your weather is as changeable as in my country).
    I find it amazing how still the water is on your lakes – not even a ripple in that last shot.


  7. Wait a minute…am I seeing photos without snow? That’s amazing ! Truly the scenery in Norway is absolutely stunning and you show it so beautifully. I just started watching a TV series from the History Channel on the Vikings, it’s an interesting program.


  8. What a stunning series and landscape! I’d love to visit – as beautiful as it is WITH the snow, I think I’ll be better without it… 🙂


    1. I am not sure about walking the bridge, I didn’t check. You can usually walk bridges in Norway, but don’t know for sure. Thanks for your comment, Laurie.


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