Sheep in late snow


This has been the most unusual winter I can remember, with hardly any snow from November till now (except for up in the mountains). It started to snow about a week ago, so now it looks like normal. But I don’t think it will last that long. Here some pictures of sheep of an old Norwegian breed. They too looked a bit surprised about the change of weather. By the way, these breed of sheep is made to be outside, and they can seek shelter if they want.




46 thoughts on “Sheep in late snow

  1. In deed, it’s rather unusual view —- I never seen a photo “Sheep in the snow” !
    I like second and 4th photos = quite beautiful, even romantic.


  2. The sheep pose so beautifully for you Bente! Wonderful shots but as you say, a strange winter for you to have had so little snow. Meanwhile here in NYC we are expecting more tonight . . ..


  3. February is usually the rainiest month here on Ecuador’s Pacific coast, and I think we received two inches of rainfall total for the month. In the past two nights, we’ve received two more inches – yes! Mother Nature’s rhythms are mixed up a bit.. looks like the USA received your snowfall this year…

    As always, lovely photos. The sheep seem to be happy and smiling and very trusting!



  4. Beautiful photographs. Check out a Scottish Victorian artist that I love Joseph Farquharson (1846-1935), he is well known for his paintings of sheep in the snow and I could visualise the sheep in the first photograph.


  5. That lonely sheep’s picture is wonderful !!
    (we have had a completely different winter in France ! Almost no snow, mild temperatures but a lots of storms)
    Stay warm !


  6. Crazy winter Benthe! Here we have get no snow en only 3 cold days with temperature -0.
    Yesterday it has froze.But spring is arrived with a lot of flowers.great photo’s of the snow.


  7. Yup. We here in the Midwestern U.S. sucked all of the snow out of the clouds b/4 they got to you!


  8. Kære Bente. I Danmark har det også været den mest usædvanlige vinter, jeg kan huske. Masser af varme – vind fra en østlig retning – gråvejr – og meget lidt nedbør.
    Dine billeder er dejlige ❤ …som sædvanligt 🙂


  9. Your wintry pictures are so very lovely to look at from the warmth of home Bente 🙂
    I’ll not mind if we skip snow now as we head for more Spring flowers and the clocks going forward an hour here in UK this weekend.
    The shaggy sheep certainly don’t seemed bothered by snow coats .. and I love the weathered gate !


  10. A great gallery today, Bente. It’s been a bizarre winter everywhere I think. I’ve just returned from a week in Zermatt – spring skiing weather with six days of blue skies and almost permanent sun!


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