Skiing for Easter anyone?


It is Easter holiday and many Norwegians go to the mountains these days. I didn’t, yet, but I might be skiing too. These pictures are from an Easter a few year back. We always hope to see some sunshine, to feel the sun again after the long winter. But as you can see, we always have to prepare for all kind of weather, because it can be bad and dangerous in the high mountains. This is from a cabin run by the Norwegian Trekking Association. There are no roads going there, and it usually takes 6-8 hours skiing to this place. There are more photos from our type of Easter holidays in this gallery.








68 thoughts on “Skiing for Easter anyone?

      1. We need the snow . . . it replenishes the reservoirs, and we are below normal (also lower snow fall means drought and increased chance of fires).


      2. You too? Yes, here too snow in the winter (and in the spring) means fuller reservoirs. We might be a bit less than normal, and we need a lot since we are a hydro power country (and oil). Drought and fires are more unlikely here, and I hope there will not be in your place either. Crossing fingers for enough snow and rain, Emilio, they are really good for more than skiing.


    1. It is kind of like walking 6 to 8 hours; you walk on, and eventually you get there, and hopefully enjoyed the journey, that is the nature. Had to google itrepid, and guess I can say thank you.


  1. Oh gosh, how many years I haven’t been on board.
    In fact, I didn’t see the snow itself these years here.
    (Just reading the mail how my friend has been skiing in Japan.)


  2. Wishing you a happy ski time with lots of bright sunshine Bente. That log burner must be an absolute treat to gather round after such a ski trek …. looks mighty deep that snow !


    1. Yes, Adrian. I am surprised there is still so much snow in the mountains, because there is absolutely nothing in the low land. And sunshine too in between. I hope you have a wonderful Easter springtime.


  3. Enjoy the skiing if you make it there, Bente! It sounds lovely and your images are gorgeous.
    We have just lost most of the snow, although, today we might get a little but it won’t stay- there will be no skiing for us on the weekend.


  4. Det er bare det bedste; at være på hytte efter en lang tur i fjeldet. Dejlige billeder som altid. Kigger ind på bloggen din engang imellem for at se dine billeder en ekstra gang. Prøver at lære 🙂
    Glad Påske til dig, Bente


      1. Tak for det, Bente.
        Jeg kan huske, jeg læste et indlæg fra dig for snart længe siden. Du var inde i fjeldet og hjælpe til på en hytte. Jeg mener, det er en hytte med gangafstand på 7-8 timer. Som jeg husker det, har den været beskrevet i Fjeld og Vidda. Meget kan jeg huske, men ikke hvad den hedder 😉
        Vi har vandret i skoven hele dagen, og spist frokost ved en sø jeg kalder MIN SØ 😀 vejret har været helt fantastisk med op til 20 grader og smuk himmel, så du har ret, i dag var Danmark dejlig.
        God Påske til dig også, Bente 🐻


      2. Jo det kan stemme, jeg har vært hjelp på to av turistforeningens hytter i Trøndelag, og tror den gangen jeg laget en post om det, var jeg der (Schulzhytta i Sylan) bare for 2-3 dager (+ 2 dagers tur inn og ut). Jeg har ikke skrevet om det i Fjell og Vidde nei, men kjenner bladet siden jeg er medlem. 20 grader og vandring i skoven hele dagen, det høres bare helt supert ut. God tur videre, Hanna!


  5. Hello Bente, here also we could make beautiful ride to spring ski, but the weekend risk of being really bad weather. I think I’ll go just without skis. Good easter weekend to you


    1. Yes, this place is certainly very isolated. It is not the typical mountains were avalanches happens, but anyway we have learned to stay away from steep slopes. Four young Norwegians were killed in an awalances a few days ago. It was very tradic. And in more risky mountains. If there is a snow storm you should stay in the cabin, for as long as it lasts….


      1. Downhill, that is way to dangerous compared with cross country, at least so much faster. I actually never tried, except for an occational mountain slope going cross country… Enjoy your Australian skiing, I thought most people went to the beach.


  6. Oh dear, that looks quite cold in deed. Hard to believe, the Rhine Valley is so warm (15°) and we had no winter at all. I hope you experience some of the glorious Easter weather they promised great parts of Norway. I’m going home to Fredrikstad in 4 days which is vey good. Your photos make me homesick! -) God påske, Bente!


    1. It is 15 here too, now, in the village, but still snow for skiing in the mountains. And lots of sunshine. Tasted some of the glorious Easter weather, but don’t have the time for skiing today. Enjoy Fredrikstad, Dina!


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