A bit of summer and winter

Bilder Selbyggen

I just read that spring migration of the reindeers are supposed to be one of the 50 of the world’s best guided Expeditions. That is according to National Geographic Travel and what they call Tours of a Lifetime. I have tried this some times, but not with a guide, only as a journalist following the Sámi people when they go with their reindeers every spring. And only with the South Sámi people in Central Norway. They are very few. If you want to do this as a tourist you have to go all the way up north. Where you can “live with and work alongside a Sami family during the annual reindeer migration from the inland winter habitat to calving grounds on the coast. A glimpse into one of the rare indigenous cultures left in Europe, offered by a community-based outfitter.” There is no such tourism around here, but it will sure be an experience of a lifetime.  These pictures are from “my” mountains, and there are more photos in this gallery, or this one.


Lonely Planet has chosen Northern Norway as one of the top ten regions to visit next year. I can understand that. I have been a few times up north and it is really amazing with the midnight sun (in summer), the aurora borealis (in winter), the Sámi culture and not to forget, the landscape. We have all of it in my region too, but they are much better in marketing and making it known. And I have to admit, they have more of everything. The next photo is from a summer night in Vesterålen, looking towards the famous mountains of Lofoten. If you want to see more photos from Northern Norway you find some in my galleries, on this link.



59 thoughts on “A bit of summer and winter

    1. You remind me, Emilio, I forgot to put a warning: Be aware for incredibly cold and wet weather. Grey days can be the normal for long periods. But as we say: it is nothing called bad weather, only bad clothes (it is with rhymes in Norwegian). Hahah, but we also have spetacular days, as you can see. Thank you.

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    2. The cold don’t bother me none . . . got me a sweater and scarf. Might even have some gloves. Besides, the views would be worth it, and afterwards it’s fun to get feelings back in one’s fingers by holding onto a cup of ice cream with whipped cream.


  1. These are very special Bente . Looks like nothing is going to stop those reindeer moving down that mountain slope 🙂


    1. The reindeers are experts on mountain slopes of course, the biggest experts. And they know where to go too, when the time is right, but the herders follow them and sees that everything is going right. Thank you Poppy.


    1. I have actually never heard of alpenglow before, but thanks to google and you, now I know. And I have seen it many times of course. It is one of natures wonders. Thank you Steve.


  2. Beyond beautiful, Bente. And I enjoyed your “Norway – Lofoten and Vesterålen” photos on your photoshelter website, too! The ones tagged “blå” are particularly appealing to me … which led me to your other images with that tag. Lovely!


  3. Beautiful photos. I see that they expect the high activity of the aurora borealis to continue into this winter. If you get some photos, I would love to see them on your site.


    1. I see aurora borealis some times, and have seen it some evenings resently too. But it is a bit too far away, and I don’t think I can get those really spetacular photos. I have never tried actually. Think I better go to the coast or to the north to get closer if so. I just enjoy it walking my dog… Thank you Jackie.


  4. I’ve read of the Sámi, though not so very much. The reindeer are beautiful, as is the mountain. My favorite photo is the third. The reindeer seem to be disappearing into the landscape like wonderful, mythical animals.


  5. These are breathtaking, Bente! And I can totally imagine why this is so higly rate, always wanted to go to Lofoten area to see the Northern lights when I was still in Europe, from here (Malaysia) its a bit far 😉
    Thanks for sharing these beauties,
    Greetings, Ron.


  6. Underbar bild den mellersta med renarna mot snön. Gillar de milda färgerna i den. Jag har just fått kontakt med min gamla klasskamrat i norra Sverige som är same och som själv äger några renar. Kanske blir det ett besök hos henne och renarna så småningom.


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