A dash of fashion

Julie Skarland, Parid - New Dehli - Oslo, Kunstindustrimuseet i Oslo 2014-2015.

I don’t usually write about fashion. I am more into nature, and documenting life and heritage around here, than clothes, food and such things. But no rules without exception. And I go to exhibitions of cource, once in a while, when visiting cities. This one is not without nature and cultural heritage.

Julie Skarland, Parid - New Dehli - Oslo, Kunstindustrimuseet i Oslo 2014-2015.

This exhibition, Julie Skarland. Paris – New Delhi – Oslo, is at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo. It opened in October and lasts untill February. Skarland is one of few Norwegian designers who have succeeded outside Norway. During 18 years in Paris she created 50 collections and sold clothes to leading stores in Europe, Japan and USA. Nine years ago she went to India in search of a new way to run a business. And stayed. Now her work is somewhere between fashion and art. You can see some more photos of her work on this link.

Julie Skarland Kunstindustrimuseet

Julie Skarland, Parid - New Dehli - Oslo, Kunstindustrimuseet i Oslo 2014-2015.

62 thoughts on “A dash of fashion

  1. Wonderful flair and imagination in these designs Bente and, as much as you don’t write about fashion, Julie seems to share your natural love of nature and heritage. Beautiful shots, a great team!


    1. I think you are right about shared interests in nature and heritage, Patti. But hers also have a broader view and experience. Two (3) countries, more like your experience. Thank you very much.


  2. Oh, very nice. Love the brown skirt dress in pix 2. I could see myself out in nature wearing this! 😉


  3. Cool designs from roots of the far north translate beautifully in this talented designer’s collection Bente . Norway to India now that’s a different way of life !


  4. Fascİnated me, dear Bente. Especially in number 2, the brown skirt with knitting up are amazing… I love art and textile…art and fashion design… And I can see how different cultures impressed her work. Thank you, wonderful photographs. Love, nia


  5. Love the flair and the presentation of the exhibition, Bente. As well as your presentation of the highlights. Wish I’d been there to see it myself. 🙂


    1. Absolutely, that would have been grea, Shabnamt. I have never been to India yet. The designer lives there, but most of her exhibitions are in Europe (she is Norwegian and have lived many years in Paris before new Dehli now). Thanks.


  6. There was a very conservative approach towards fashion in India till mid 90’s.

    As the economy opened up, we could see a lot of people from across the globe working or exhibiting their work in India.

    Fashion and art goes hand in hand… and provide excellent opportunities for people like us, who love photography, right?

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Bente 🙂


    1. Julie is one ot them, going to India. I know it was intentionally supposed to be a short stay, a few months. Now it has been years, with great influence in her work. I agree Sreejith, art and fashion gives good opportunitues for us.

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