Watching nature photos with sunglasses

Lately I have had a great pleasure in looking at lot of photo blogs and other sites on the internet. I am very interested in photography and these days you can litteraly do expeditions on the internet, or enjoy a lot of galleries without even leaving home. And there is also a lot of enjoyable everyday musings going on, on all kind of subjects, and from all over the world.

As an affectionado of nature and photo I try to look for nature photo blogs. And there are plenty, and what surprise me is that many are more or less the same. “Same” landscapes, and even more the same: the colours. So many nature photographers are using HDR (High dynamic range) these days, that my eyes are getting tired from wathcing. I soon need sunglasses to look at photblogs and other sites from nature photographers.

That is not exactly the case of course. There are even nature photography with no colours, shooting black and white (or transforming pictures to b&w), there are nature shown in natural colours, nature portrayed in various individual styles, and of course, a lot of nice HDR-photos from the nature. I am even following a photographer who often use HDR (I guess), and Tracie L., I love your pictures and your posts. The point is, for me it is overload. Overload in colours, and that is a strange thing since I love colours.

Sometimes I think that I have to improve mye own pictures. I wonder if I should use more colours, among other thing. As it is now I do very little editing on my photos, and I could probably get more from them in the computer. But as it is right now after looking at such a lot of bright colours I just know that I rather prefer nature and sceneries that I can recognize. At least for the moment. It is not to criticize the HDR-photograpers, because I probably have a lot to learn on the subject, and a lot of them certainly get noticed for very impressive scenery. But the effect on me is overload, and right now I enjoy the blogs and sites that are more naturalistic or personal in any way.

I did not use a lot of pictures in this post. I used only one, and that is one of the first photographs I made. It is from the countryside in Turkey in 1976. I was I teenager and I had borrowed my fathers old Voigtländer camera for the trip. One day when I was walking alone by the fields I met these two strawberry girls. I asked them to take a picture (without knowing the language), and I will never forget the moment. Editing: nothing. I made a bad scan myself about ten years ago, with a machine that could remove some of the massive amount of dust and scratches.


27 thoughts on “Watching nature photos with sunglasses

  1. You have a wonderful eye – even in your first ever picture. (I love coming here, and I think your descriptions really add something to the experience too).


  2. I really enjoyed reading this. On balance I am for less colour and more of a natural look. Super photo. I love photos that really capture a moment in time. The expressions on the little girls faces is priceless.
    Regards Florence.


  3. It’s a good point. I think photo blogs are nice to look at for a few minutes but I much prefer the ones where there is a story to accompany the images.

    Your portrait of the strawberry girls is delightful. It has a real air of dated authenticity about it which is captivating. The sky and the scrubland in the background lend it an Impressionist feel, I could imagine a Manet painting of this scene.


  4. age, tools, postproduction, maybe it matters, maybe not … what definitely matters to me is an author who’s authentic and an image that ticks – you and your work absolutely qualify for this !


  5. Great post. I also appreciate photography that reflects a realistic look at the world without computer enhancement. Especially with nature photos- as I feel it’s naive to believe we can improve on these scenes anyway.


  6. If it is occasionally done it is okay me think, but it should not be become the only focus of photography . And please don’t HD your photos because they are beautiful as they are.

    Ciao, Francina


  7. Bente, your old photograph of the two strawberry girls is exquisite. I am doing a major project of scanning and rescuing my favorite old slides and negatives to preserve them before they’re too deteriorated, and I really appreciate the subtle colors you have been able to recapture. Do know what film you used? A beautiful post–thank you!


  8. I agree with you but I would rather go further than you do. I hate HDR. Basically, in my opinion, in most cases, they are just a reflection of the “low” taste of the persons making them or on the other hand, those who like them.

    The picture you posted is very nice. It just caught my eyes.


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