Old houses in the snow

I love old houses, whatever country they are in. Here are some I saw on my way back from the mountains today. Nobody lives in or use the yellow one, that means it will probably fall down pretty soon.

And since it was Easter Sunday the flag was hoisted outside the old church.


25 thoughts on “Old houses in the snow

    1. Yes, Karen, old houses always make me too wonder what life there have been in them before. There are more houses around here with trees on the roof, most of them abandoned of course, but not all..


  1. Hi,
    It is a shame to see some old buildings just die and wither away.
    I love the old church, such a grand old building, I see there is still a lot of snow around, but the snow looks great in the photos, so very different than the climate here.


  2. Jag antar att jag kan skriva pà svenska… Jag saknar Skandinaviens underbara natur och dina fina bilder pàminner mig om min barndoms vintrar i Jämtland… Underbara bilder!


  3. The first photo of the yellow house – it looks so quiet and peaceful – should be some snowshoes propped up outside the door, a bit of smoke curling out of the chimney – I wonder why the people just left …


    1. I wonder too, and at the same time I know some of the reasons. Norway used to be very poor, then we found oil, and with better economy people left their old houses and built more modern ones. And what is very strange for me: many people don’t care about the history and beauty in our old houses and traditions.


  4. Living in the snow forever, I thought you might like a bit of Sunshine, right? So, I nominated you for the blogger Sunshine Award. Congratulations and keep up the good work. I’m learning so much from you.




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