More reindeers – Spring migration II

I am still working on my reindeer pictures, from my visit to the spring migration before the weekend. I have not counted, but hundreds and hundreds of pictures takes its time. Not the least to decide which ones to delete.
In the meantime, some more reindeers….

The herd has passed Roros, Holtalen and is going through Tydal. In the back are the mountains Sylene and Skardsfjellene.
In the middle of the day (the herders start their work at 4 in the morning) there is a coffee break. Coffee made on open fire outdoors have the best taste.


66 thoughts on “More reindeers – Spring migration II

    1. You mean up in the mountains? Now still freezing at night, but only a few degrees, and usually from 0 and a bit up during day. But it will soon be a little bit warmer. It should be spring now, snow melting…


  1. Dear Bente, you captured so beautiful photographs… and also so interesting too, and I guess not only for me. You are so lucky to be able to watch them there… I loved these photographs but I have my best ones, the first and the last one… In the first one, deers are standing so impressive with their colours between earth and sky… between in white colours, it means. The last one, unbelievable calling me as if… 🙂 I wished to be there… Thank you dear Bente, with my love, nia


  2. Thanks for taking us along on this event. I bet sorting through all the photos was an event in itself 😉
    There is something magic that happens to food or drink outdoors. I’ve noticed that, too.


  3. They’re all beautiful photos, but the second one caught me eye with that piece of rocky ground as a change from the whiteness of the snow..

    The last photo is really striking too.

    The whole reindeer migration is interesting to me.


  4. Bente, when a person gets wonderful as you did it would be near *impossible* to “delete”.
    Loving the first one; the reindeer in the foreground has some wonderful hock and knee action…I can see him in a team pulling a bob sled!


  5. Love your photos, especially the 4th one. There is something about that reindeer, as if he has some other plans. It’s amazing you got so close enough to capture them in your camera! 🙂


  6. I feel your pain with the deleting issue. When I see a bird or the monkeys in the garden I take an enormous amount of photo’s which then need to be deleted and sorted (and I seldom do so the cluter builds…) but with such an amazing topic and experience like this one that you have just had, coupled with your talant – wow. You must have so many wonderful photo’s to make decisions about. Good luck.


  7. Wonderful pictures, as always. I reckon that kettle has seen plenty of action!

    What is the ultimate fate of the reindeer? Are they farmed for meat and end up in the supermarket? It must be immensely labout intensive compared to cattle farming, so respect to the Sami for maintaining their traditional way of life and skills.


    1. Reindeers as a living means meat production (plus hides), but before they used absolutly everything on the animal. You can get reindeer meat in some supermarkets, but more goes to better restaurants.


    1. Ciao, Lynne. Interesting that you have tasted reindeer meat. Not so many have outside Norway/Scandinavia. I agree with you, the dark meat have a very special and nice taste.


  8. Wonderful pictures! I particularly like the second one with the rock contrasting with the snow. Do the reindeer have patches of white fur or does some of the snow cling to their fur?


    1. Reindeers have different colours from white to brown, but the mixed colour is most usual and make them blend in with the nature both in summer and winter. No snow cling to the fur. There is a white spot at the back that is shown when they run/flee, like many other kind of deers.


  9. Wow…. I live in a city, when I see these shots… I know I live at the wrong place. Great shot… fabulous landscape


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