The dog on a leash


Just a few pictures of my dog from the last weeks. My lovely companion on a leash, who sometimes ruines my pictures…. As a bird hunting dog his favorite place is of course the mountains were he can sniff the air to catch the scent of his favorite bird, the grouse.




On the picture above he has just spotted a pidgeon, they are also popular birds. There are more photos in my collection of dog photos.


92 thoughts on “The dog on a leash

  1. 良い犬ですね。以前グレートピレニーズを飼ってました、また飼いたくなります(^^)v (It is a good dog. It was a pet Great Pyrenees before, you will want to also Shepherd (^ ^) v)


  2. These are fantastic photos, Bente! I love the contrast in colours, the complimentary colours in others, the sharp lines, the action (the wind blowing the dog’s hair and ear). Just excellent photos. I think these are some of the best your shown us.


  3. I can see how much he loves going out and about with you – such joy and abandon at the end of a leash! I can imagine how he might be a trial sometimes – when your aims diverge! Beautiful, beautiful dog … 🙂


  4. Such a beautiful dog, Bente. My pup likes nothing better than to run without the leash. Luckily I can let her do that at most of our beaches.


  5. My old girl loves to photobomb my photos. (I don’t mind.) Your boy is handsome, dignified, and happy, and your photos capture his spirit. Gorgeous!


  6. What a lovely dog Bente, especially the greyish beard. Pure wisdom I guess? Bye, have a nice day together.


  7. You had me at DOG! 😀 My favorite friends!
    Thanks for sharing. I love the one with him looking up the tree. Funny!


  8. Terrific photos! You did such a lovely job capturing his spirit.
    I’ve tried (and failed) to take photos of my spaniel. Just as I press the shutter he moves and it’s a blur. He’s supposed to be a bird dog also, but he’s not interested in birds at all. 🙂


    1. He is 8.5 and I am a bit surprised he already got a white mustache. It probably only means the time is moving faster than presumed. Passion, yes. Not so unlike your’s I guess.


  9. Your dog is absolutely beautiful ! It looks like an Irish Setter, a breed I always wanted to have, maybe my next dog 😉


    1. Yes, it is an irish setter. Lovely dogs, but energetic, and they neeed to do their job, running, searching, hunting, or, at least the first two. It is not a dog only to be parked in the sofa or on the lawn. The good thing: I get exercise too.


      1. That’s good to know. Most dogs shouldn’t be left on the sofa. I have a Shetland sheepdog and they are energetic too !


  10. Underbara bilder på din hund! Jag har två, en kleiner munsterländer och en wachtel/norrbottenspets. Skulle aldrig vilja leva ett liv utan hund! Oj vad de tillför mkt! Är så glad för det!
    Kramar och allt gott till dej!


  11. Ikke jeg heller, hund må det være. Kjenner munsterländeren, selv om det ikke er så mange i Norge, men har ikke sett norrbottenspets (ennå). Sikkert herrlig begge to. Tusen takk, god helg, og klem til deg også!


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