Spring migration

Bilder Selbyggen

The reindeer herders are moving their animals to the summer pastures these days. And I know also the wild reindeers in our southern mountains do the same migration this time of the year. They need to be there soon, because in the beginning of May the first reindeers start calving. And that will be a vulnerable time for these animals. They should not be disturbed at all during May.

Bilder Selbyggen

I didn’t go with the herders this year, but have made some adjustment at some photos from a few years back. There are more photos in my reindeer photo galleries. Or look at some of my post from the spring migration last year.





Bilder Selbyggen

Bilder Selbyggen



52 thoughts on “Spring migration

  1. Thanks for introducing me to your side of the planet! I checked out the herding dog photos, they’re not the breed I expected, but obviously, the temperatures they need to deal with, they had better be a fuzzy dog. Thanks!


  2. As I’d like to see that. It must be a magical moment. Here we expect the snow is melted at high altitude to mount cows, sheep.
    Good day, soon. I like very much your photos.


  3. So great to read of living traditions, and following the rites of nature. Have enjoyed a browse through your wonderful archives and marvel at the rugged landscape and the traditions of the Sami people. Co-incidentally i recently watched a movie on telly “Never cry wolf” – set in NW Canada and Farley Mowatt’s experiences in tracking Arctic wolves, and caribou migrations, Inuit traditions. His books are wonderfully descriptive too. Your photos are a tribute to people who cope with the hardships of a forbidding landscape.


    1. Maybe not tundra, that is further north, and usually means that the ground is frozen all year, and no trees. There are no trees also in these mountains, above certain altitudes, but we only call it mountains, or high mountains, were the reindeer lives. In Sweden and Finland there are less mountains, and the reindeers also lives in the forest. Or on the tundra, further north.. Thanks for your comment.


  4. I’ve taken a quickly look to your blog and I’m really impressed… Your pictures are gorgeous! You’re lucky to live in this awesome country and be able to take these pictures. Keep going! Best wishes, Àngel


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